Wakaflex - Leadfree flashing

Wakaflex - Leadfree roof flashing

Because lead, a heavy metal, is a dangerous substance to have in your living environment, we offer you a new alternative, the lead-free flashing, in the context of sustainability and development: Wakaflex. Wakaflex is durable and due to its flexibility it is very easy and quick to process. This allows you to easily mount the flashing tile on top of the roof just like the lead angled flashing tile and bend the slab into the shape of the roof tiles. The bottom of the article has an adhesive layer to aid in mounting.

Wakaflex Leadfree Roof Flashing

  • Cone made of galvanized steel (Black painted)
  • Flashing consists of an aluminum mesh combined with Polyisobutylene (PIB)
  • Diameters: 100-300, Roof angle16-60 °


  • Easily mountable like a lead flashing: no knock-in tools required
  • Made of lightweight, flexible, durable and sturdy material.
  • Large adjustment range: suitable for roofs with an angle of inclination from 16 ° to 60 °
  • Equipped with an adhesive layer on the edge for a sleek finish


Technical properties

Upper- and bottomlayer Polyisobutylene 
Middel layer Aluminium mesh
Thickness 1,75 mm
PIB glue Silicone 80 g/m2
  Butyl strips at edges of flashing tile
Temperature resistance -40°C until + 100°C (DIN 52133)
UV-resistance DIN 16726
Fire resistance Klasse E (EN13501-1)




Download the Wakaflex leadfree flashing salesdrawing: SMBNL-WAKA-30.pdf

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