Bunhill 2 Energy Centre

Bunhill 2 Energy Centre Project


Private: Metaloterm System in Bunhill 2 Energy Centre. Schiedel Metaloterm MF Chimney System.

Another innovative installation using Schiedel Metaloterm took place in London. Airtherm used Schiedel Metaloterm MF on a “Worlds First” project in London.

Airtherm design, supply and install a wide range of efficient, high performance systems including flues & chimneys, natural ventilation & lighting, kitchen ventilation, air conditioning (comfort cooling), heat recovery & heat pumps and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for commercial, industrial and private sectors. They use products of the highest quality, such as the Schiedel Metaloterm range and can boast experienced engineers with excellence in their field.

The MF system is manufactured using 0.6mm thick grade fully welded inner liner, 0.5mm thick grade 304 stainless steel outer casing with 25mm thick rockwool insulation. The product is proven and pressure tested for use on applications up to 5,000 Pascal (H1) rating. Also, with the positioning of the system, the choice was to have the flue polyester powder coated to Ral 7005

Colloide Engineering Systems were the main contractor on the construction of the Bunhill 2 Energy Centre, commencing in December 2016. The scheme provides a blueprint for de-carbonising heat in potential future schemes in London and around the world, reducing heating bills and carbon emissions while improving air quality and making cities more self-sufficient in energy.

The various benefits include:

  • Reliable and secure energy supply
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by around 500 tonnes each year.
  • Reducing heating costs and energy bills for residents to provide a buffer against increasing fuel costs
  • Reducing fuel poverty in the borough
  • Long-term flexible and expandable solution
  • Achieving efficiencies of scale


Paddy McGuinness, Managing Director of Colloide explains:

This project makes use of existing waste heat from the London Underground extraction shaft and harnesses that energy into the district heating network which gets used in the local homes. The main technology used for this is the ammonia heat pump, the pump transfers the warm air into warm water and then subsequently into the district heating network. As a result, this project provides cheaper, greener energy to the local community. We’ve extended the existing heat network on Bunhill and this connects to the new energy centre but it also connects an additional 500 homes to the network.

It’s not only heat which is provided by the Bunhill 2 system. The innovative fan in the ventilation system can be reversed to assist in cooling the London Underground network when required.

Bunhill 1 was launched in 2012 by Islington Council and this second stage takes advantage of a disused City Road Underground Station which was abandoned for nearly a century. It has now been renovated and contains a 500Kw ammonia heat pump which is driven by heat recovery from a heat exchanger coil within a London underground shaft. An innovative and futurisic way of recovering all aspects of energy such as the warm air lost throughout the northern line tube.


The heating system is flued by the Schiedel Metaloterm system, which is a modular twin wall insulated flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel, with a sealing ring. Metaloterm® MF is a universal flue/chimney system which is suitable for both high and low temperatures, non-condensing and condensing applications with flue gasses in positive and negative pressure.

It can resist a chimney fire. Therefore the system is suited for a wide range of applications such as boilers, stoves and ovens.

The product range also contains a wide variety of silencers. For Passive houses the Metaloterm assortment provides the Iso-block which can be combined with MF. The system can also be used for CHP applications, in this case a special VITON® sealing ring might be necessary. Due to the proven quality Metaloterm® MF has a 10 year guarantee.


  • Atmospheric gas-fired boilers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Wood-fired stoves
  • Industrial ovens, large-scale establishments


  • Universal chimney/flue system
  • Inner- and outer wall from high quality stainless steel
  • No terminal bridges, uninterrupted insulation from base plate to top stub
  • Stress free thermal expansion
  • Fast-build system without the need of sealants
  • Compatible with system Metaloterm® ME, UE and EN
  • High density and high quality insulation
  • High-temperature silicone sealing ring
  • Lightweight elements
  • Immediately ready for use
  • Chimney fire resistant
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