Ontop B.V. visits ISH 2019

Ontop B.V. Visits ISH 2019 - Showcasing Flue Gas Systems

We had a great time at ISH, in Messe Frankfurt, which is the world’s leading trade fair for all branches of the installing, sanitary and heating industry, hosting showcases for the most exciting brands, amazing new products and innovative solutions.

Ontop B.V. were there for the first time as a part of Schiedel, giving us the opportunity to chat with installers, designers, engineers and traders from several industries. In particular we would like to thank our customers for visiting us at our stand, where we showcased our flue gas solutions.

For example our Metaloterm® US, the ideal flue gas solution for gas-fired stoves, also available in our Metaloterm® US Design collection for a sleek interior. The stainless steel concentric design, combining air inlet and flue, grants this flue gas system suitability for for any gas-fired stove and it can be attached to any wall.

We were delighted to be showing this at the exhibition. Looking to become a trader of our fabulous products?  Then please contact us.

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Ontop B.V. at ISH 2019

Ontop B.V. showcases flue gas systems at ISH 2019 in Messe, Frankfurt.

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