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Solutions & Services


From cruise ship to newly built home, from diesel generator to the venting of a commercial kitchen: our engineers know which products fit perfectly in your specific situation. Together with customers and partners, they work daily on innovations and new designs for different flue gas systems. This may involve focusing on the smallest details or, by contrast, large-scale solutions.


A close cooperation between our engineers and the production department results in a result-oriented approach which guarantees a swift solution with the perfectly fitting product. For any situation. We call this: the One-Stop-Shop. One address for the design, production and delivery of the flue gas system. We even strive to produce simple spares within 24 hours’ time. Our teams of skilled personnel in our different branches in Europe help to accomplish this.


To provide our customers with the best possible service, we work with customer service teams. For each customer we  have a team of engineers, account managers and logistics  experts. This means the customer has a fixed point of contact during the entire process. As a result, our employees know our customer and his particular situation well.


Over the years, the Metaloterm system has developed into a strong brand with various product lines and over 4,000 standard products. 90% of these products are directly deliverable from stock. No production time, the product is dispatched straightaway. This allows us to provide manufacturers from different sectors and retailers with the right products. Fast, reliable and with a consistent quality. 

Curious to learn how we can work together? We will be happy to tell you all the ins and outs.

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Schiedel Metaloterm have become our first choice supplier. We have used many different products from many manufacturers and can confirm that Schiedel Metaloterm are far superior in every way. The service is excellent. The quality is first-class. Our site engineers report that Schiedel Metaloterm systems are the best to install. Availability and delivery is critical on the projects we install – we need a reliable supplier – that is why we choose Schiedel Metaloterm.” Flue-Stax Ltd., United Kingdom

We have been doing business with Schiedel Metaloterm for more than 30 years. What we have always noticed, is the enormous involvement of Schiedel Metaloterm with his dealer. Schiedel Metaloterm always offers a solution and deliveries are always very quick. Compliments for the customer service team, as mentioned, always involved and delivered quickly.” Schmidt Schoorsteenwerken BV, the Netherlands

Technische Unie likes to work together with Schiedel Metaloterm because they are the specialist in the Netherlands for everything in the field of stainless steel flue gas systems. “ Technische Unie, the Netherlands

Schiedel Metaloterm have been a key supplier for many years and we have always found their products, technical support and levels of service to be excellent and among the best in the market.” Falcon Flues Ltd, United Kingdom

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Ontop B.V. at ISH 2019

Ontop B.V. showcases flue gas systems at ISH 2019 in Messe, Frankfurt.

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Schiedel Metaloterm starts flex production

Schiedel Metaloterm B.V. announces the start of its new production line of flexible stainless steel flue gas ducts.

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The lateral draincap has been introduced to the range to allow for the capping off of header/cascade systems, whilst enabling condensate to be gathered and drained off effectively through the standard 3/4" drain fitting.

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