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About us


Based in Middelburg, we have been developing flue gas extraction systems for more than 50 years. We do this for shipbuilding, food industry, industrial applications and utility construction, but also for fireplaces and stoves in homes. The accumulated knowledge from the past helps us to realize the most innovative solutions for our customers.

With a combination of experience and young talent, we strive for optimum results every day. Whether it is about innovative product development or consistent production and delivery. We do not allow ourselves to be restrained by existing borders, and operate from branches spread throughout Europe.



Schiedel Metaloterm B.V., formerly known as Ontop B.V., once started as Amgas in 1965. We quickly grew into a company of more than 200 employees in four locations in Europe. In 2016 the company was purchased by Schiedel. Since then, our organizations have joined forces to market technically advanced, carefully designed products. As a result of our close collaboration, Ontop B.V. is called Schiedel Metaloterm B.V.  since January 2020.

As Schiedel Metaloterm, we have more than 100 years of combined experience and we provide our customers with reliable, innovative, high-quality, energy-efficient products. Our products are safe, intuitive and easy to install in both residential and non-residential buildings and in shipbuilding.

Schiedel, a subsidiary of Standard Industries, is a leader in flue gas extraction, integrated heater and ventilation solutions and has its headquarters in Nussbach (Austria). More information can be found at www.schiedel.com and www.standardindustries.com.



Under the name Metaloterm® we produce single-walled, double-walled and concentric smoke channels, dampers, bends, T-pieces and various elements and accessories. The systems connect easily and are easy to assemble. We distinguish ourselves with:

  • 4,000 products in stock as standard
  • A strong piece of tailor-made work: we also deliver all tailor-made flue gas components.
  • Advice and service for our customers with the best solution for every project, including: calculations, engineering, delivery, installation, ...
  • Collaboration with our customers to develop new products.

Metaloterm® is a trademark of Schiedel Metaloterm B.V.

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Ontop B.V. at ISH 2019

Ontop B.V. showcases flue gas systems at ISH 2019 in Messe, Frankfurt.

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Schiedel Metaloterm starts flex production

Schiedel Metaloterm B.V. announces the start of its new production line of flexible stainless steel flue gas ducts.

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The lateral draincap has been introduced to the range to allow for the capping off of header/cascade systems, whilst enabling condensate to be gathered and drained off effectively through the standard 3/4" drain fitting.

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