Our flue systems for wood

Eontop has over 45 year’s experience in producing durable Metaloterm® products that are safe and highly reliable. The wide range of features including high-quality solutions for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Are also regularly new and innovative solutions through close partnerships with stove and fireplace or manufacturers.

Metaloterm® AT
The best twin walled insulated Metaloterm® flue system for your wood burning stove or fireplace, incomparably safe through the unique insulation. Now even with 30 year warranty, even after several chimney fires.

Metaloterm® EN
A subtle, smooth finished single wall Metaloterm® flue system, ideal for connecting pipe to a wood burning stove in the living room. Available in black, charcoal and gray.

Metaloterm® MF
A universal twin walled insulated Metaloterm® flue sytem that can be deployed  for many different applications, for example wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, but also for pellet stoves and high-efficiency appliances.

Metaloterm® ME
The single walled Metaloterm® flue system that can be deployed for many different applications, such as lining of existing shafts.

Metaloterm® UE
A universal twin walled Metaloterm® flue system, which is perfect for open fires. 

Metaloterm® XD
This flexible dual Metaloterm® flue system has a smooth inner surface making it easy to clean. The solution for a renovation or reduced diameter of a shaft or brickwork duct.

Metaloterm® XE
A highly flexible single walled Metaloterm® flue system, can be deployed as renovation or reduced diameter of a shaft or brickwork duct.