Eontop is the expert in the field of flue systems for air inlet and baking vapours and flue gases outlet. With the systems Metaloterm® MF, UE and ME the entire range of temperatures from low to high is covered and thanks to the wide range of diameters a solution for every type of oven can be offered. The systems are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean, an important condition for application in the food industry. Furthermore the material is well
suited for a continuous process.

Metaloterm® MF
The best twin walled insulated Metaloterm® flue system in this segment. Can be used on all types and brands of ovens.

Metaloterm® UE
A universal twin walled Metaloterm® flue system, which is perfect for open gas fires.

Metaloterm® ME
The single wall Metaloterm® flue system can be deployed  for many different applications, such as lining of existing shafts.