Ontop B.V.

Eontop is manufacturer of Metaloterm® flue systems. For 50 years now, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing our systems throughout Europe. Our headquarter is established in Middelburg, The Netherlands, in addition we have subsidiaries in Germany and France.
As from 2015 we are going by the name Eontop, the E represents Energy - Environment - Efficiency.

Under the brand name Metaloterm® we offer more than 4.000 different products and smart solutions in stainless steel flue systems. We offer a solution for almost all applications in the field of flue gas systems. These applications vary from industrial bakery ovens, diesel and gas engines, boilers up and to various fire places and stoves.
As the most experienced specialist of the European market we do not restrict ourselves to only offering products. We also offer consultancy with calculations, drawings, tests and test facilities, technical preconditions and possible budgetary considerations into account.
Eontop is ISO 9001 certified. All Metaloterm® systems are tested and marked with CE markings, provided by notified bodies. Our modern production facility is regularly controlled by the same notified bodies.