The strategy of Ontop focuses on the most important dimensions on which we have an influence: Clients, the environment, energy and the future.

It is in our genes to be concerned about this. After all, we care about heat efficiency, fuel savings and reducing emissions. However, we also care about our clients, the people behind our clients, their result. And we also care about the future of our clients, of the world around us and our own future.

It’s our privilege to communicate this.
We like it to be known that it is our aim to continue this. And extend it. We therefore focus extra on market developments. We will increasingly distinguish ourselves by focusing on niches that are required by the market. Such as AT with no less than a 30-year guarantee, even after soot fires! Our motivated staff will also increasingly focus their competences on our clients. In order to make our experience as experts even better available to clients.

Our care is increasing all the time.