Metaloterm® AT

The Metaloterm® AT system is a modular twin wall insulated chimney system, made of
stainless steel, with a high quality insulation and no thermal bridges. Metaloterm® AT is
suitable for high temperature, non-condensing applications with flue gasses in negative
pressure. The system is not only chimney fire resistant but also reusable afterwards.
Therefore the system is ideally suited for applications such as wood-fired stoves and
open fireplaces.
For Passive houses the Metaloterm® assortment provides the Iso-block which can be
combined with AT. Due to the proven quality Metaloterm® AT has a 30 year guarantee.

Wood-fired stoves, open fire-places

· Inner and outer wall from high quality stainless steel
· High quality insulation 37.5 mm thickness
· No thermal bridges; uninterrupted insulation from
  base plate to top stub
· Stress free thermal expansion
· Compatible with Metaloterm® EN
· Chimney fire resistant and reusable
· Large programme of fittings
· Wall brackets up to a distance of 400 mm available
· Immediately ready to use
· 30 years guarantee, even after chimney fire!

Watch the AT chimney fire video here


Metaloterm® AT-Design

Find out more about the safe and elegant Metaloterm® AT-Design

Technical characteristics

Application Chimney/flue system
Operating mode Dry
Pressure Negative pressure
Maximum working pressure 0 Pa
Operating temperature 600 °C
Maximum temperature allowed   1000 °C REPEATABLE (max. 30 min./occurence)
Inner wall  
· Material AISI 316L/EN 1.4404
· Thickness up to Ø 300: 0.4 mm
  from Ø 350: 0.5 mm
Outer wall  
· Material AISI 304/EN 1.4301
· Thickness up to Ø 200: 0.4 mm
  from Ø 250: 0.5 mm
· Type Mineral fiber - AMGISO®
· Thickness 37.5 mm
Fuel type Wood/coal/pellets normal (wood)
Inner diameter (mm)  130 150 180 200 250 300 350* 400*
Outer diameter (mm) 205 225 255 275 325 375 425 475
Cross section (cm2) 133 177 254 314 491 707 962 1257
Weight (+/-kg/m) 7 8 9 910 12 16 19 21
*On request only

Name Finish Type Code View
Black Matte heat resistant stove paint Ontop code 910
Antraciet Matte heat resistant stove paint Ontop code 930
Grey Matte heat resistant stove paint Ontop code 970
Black grey Half shine powder coated Ral 7021
Olive black Half shine powder coated Cewetherm 300

Other colors on request:
· RAL-code

· Powder coating | wet paint
· Shine| half shine | matt



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