The EcoStream is a recent innovation from Ontop. This ingenious development combines a chimney fan / draft improver with a soot separator and offers numerous advantages to users of wood stoves and their immediate surroundings, thus responding to the current discussion about the nuisance of wood stoves.


Optimal combustion

The start-up phase together with the replenishment moment and the decay phase of the fire are the moments when most pollution and smoke development takes place. In the optimal burning phase, between these three phases, a modern wood stove burns with hardly measurable emissions. The fan of the EcoStream immediately provides negative pressure in the chimney, which ensures that the stove reaches its optimum operating temperature very quickly. In addition, the fan ensures that the refill phase, in which the cold fuel smothers the optimum operating temperature, only takes a short time. The soot separator simultaneously ensures that soot particles are trapped * and do not descend into the immediate vicinity. With this, the EcoStream actively contributes to reduced emissions.

Less smell

By adding ballast air from outside the home (+/- a factor of 10), the EcoStream gives a clearly perceptible dilution of the flue gases. This results in a lighter colour of the flue gases. The odour perception is also favourably influenced by the dilution that occurs. Smell and colour perception decrease and with that the nuisance for the environment!

* tested with particles with a size of 625 mm to 125 mm, an improvement of 2 classes on the Bacherach scale was observed in all combustion phases.

Working principle

The stream of air inside of the EcoStream is being transformed into a cyclone. By the resulting centrifugal force solid soot particles are being pressed against the wall and then into a buffer. In this buffer, the solid soot particles are collected, together with the rain water that the EcoStream collects by means of an internal collection system. As soon as there is sufficient water in the buffer, the buffer clean itself by means of a drain.

Watch the video:

Technical specifications

The Ecostream comes standard with four adjustable legs which have a range from ø 130 to 200 mm, an electrical kit including wiring diagrams and textile tape that silences the sound of possible vibrations. The Ecostream weighs only 10 kg and can therefore easily be placed on top of a chimney. Moreover, the Ecostream is easy to inspect and clean due to the hinged fixation.

Application: Flue gas fan with soot separator for wood burning stoves and inserts (max 15 kW)
Material: Both the housing and the rotor blade
are made of stainless steel
Electric drive: 37 W, 1300 RPM, 230 V
Weight: 10 kg
Max. op. temp.: 250 °C
Dimensions:  For chimneys from Ø 130 to 200mm






The EcoStream must electrically be installed by a local
certified electrician according to local obligations (local
rules). Ideally one uses a plug and a switch (it can be
obligatory to install a certified maintenance switch).



Installation Manual

Commercial drawing