The EcoStream is a recent addition to Eontop´s innovative product range.
This ingenious development combines a chimney fan with a particle filter which offers numerous advantages to the users of wood stoves. 

The video below shows the principle of the EcoStream as well as the advantages for both the user as the environment. 

Watch the video:


Basic principle: Flue gas fan with particle separator for wood burning stoves and inserts (max 15 kW)
Working principle: Flue gas is being mixed with cold air and separates particles (in tornado without filter)
Electric drive: 37 W, 1300 RPM, 230 V
Weight: 10 kg
Max. op. temp.: 250 °C
Dimensions:  For chimneys from Ø 130 to 200mm
Efficiency: Average 75%
Rain: Internal collection system (no cap needed) and drain to outside
Accessories: (Link) - Electronic speed regulator
- Spare parts E-Material 










Mounting instructions

Commercial drawing