Eontop has flues for all types of boilers: condensing/non-condensing, overpressure/underpressure, cascade configurations, etc.

Metaloterm® MF
The best twin walled insulated Metaloterm® flue system in this segment. Can be used on all types and brands of boilers and water heaters.

Metaloterm® UE
The budgetary attractive twin walled Metaloterm® flue system, for low temperatures (<200 °C).

Metaloterm® UK
A concentric Metaloterm® flue system that subtracts outdoor air and combines air supply and flue gas discharge for low temperatures (<200 °C).

Metaloterm® ME
The single walled Metaloterm® flue system that can be deployed for many different applications, such as lining of existing shafts or connecting cable.