Our flue systems for Gas stoves

The range offers high quality solutions for open and closed gas heaters. Eontop also works closely with gas producers to realize new and innovative solutions.

Metaloterm® US
The concentric Metaloterm® flue system for closed gas fires, which combines air and flue gasses. Metaloterm® US can be used on almost any device and is also approved by several leading appliance brands.

Metaloterm® UE
A universal twin walled Metaloterm® flue system, which is perfect for open fires.

Metaloterm® ME
The single wall Metaloterm® flue system can be deployed  for many different applications, such as lining of existing shafts.

Metaloterm® XD
This flexible double layered Metaloterm® flue system has a high dimensional stability, even after repeated bending. This is the solution for a renovation or reduced shank diameter or brickwork duct.

Metaloterm® XE
A highly flexible single walled Metaloterm® flue system, as renovation or reduced shank diameter or brickwork duct.