Accessories Stream


Rain cap Stream
By means of this rain cap for the Stream, the flue is protected from rain. 
The rain cap is crafted out of the same stainless steel as the Stream and is easy to install.
STK99 (pdf)

Spark arrestor mesh Stream
For houses with thatched roofs it is essential that sparks coming from the chimney are intercepted completely. In these occasions the spark arrestor mesh is a simple yet effective solution to be added to the Stream. 
This mesh is placed around the cap and protects the owners of houses with inflammable roofs.
STVV99 (pdf)

Electronic speed regulator
With this electronic speed regulator it is now possible to manually change the rotations per minute. This way the users of the Stream get to regulate the amount of draft within the flue. 
Voltage:  230 V
Power range:  1-100 W
STTR99 (pdf)

Spare parts E-material
This junction box with condenser and wire connector comes standard with the Stream. However, on request we gladly deliver an extra set of spare parts.
STSP99 (pdf)



Commercial drawing

User manual