Eontop has almost 30 years of experience in the field of exhaust systems for back-up generators and has an impressive reference list. For these applications the Metaloterm® AD/AM exhaust system provides proven solutions. This modular (twin wall insulated), lightweight system is easy to install and doesn’t need compensators at all. The product range includes silencers which ensure an excellent attenuation over the full frequency range which is especially required in buildings and populated areas. The system also includes fire resistant wall penetrations which add to the buildings safety standard.

The Metaloterm® systems for CHP are often the only ones with the best principle: the inner wall can have length differences due to temperature variations, without the flue being under false tension. With other principles than Metaloterm® this often goes wrong.

Temperature as a criterion

Based on the flue gas temperature the type of system can be chosen:

< 80°C = ME (alternative: UE to further reduce the outside temperature).

< 200°C = MF

< 600°C = AD

Note: also positive pressure and condensation are virtually always the case, but standard Metaloterm® already meets these applicable standards so herein no choice needs to be made.

Important: the horizontal part
The flue gasses of a CHP may contain moisture that is more aggressive than
one would initially expect. This occurs in the horizontal parts of the flue system.

So if there are horizontal parts in the flue, then always:
- At least 3° slope, never less

- Viton rings as sealing

Metaloterm® AD
The Metaloterm® AD system is a modular insulated double-walled exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel provided with a sealing strip resistant to high pressure. Metaloterm® AD is an exhaust system that is suitable for applications where non condensing the flue gases not only high temperature but also under high pressure. The system is designed for application on (diesel) engines as generators and emergency kits. The range includes a wide range of silencers.

Metaloterm® MF
A universal twin walled insulated Metaloterm® flue sytem that can be deployed  for many different applications.

Metaloterm® UE
The budgetary attractive twin walled Metaloterm® flue system, for low temperatures (<200 °C).

Metaloterm® ME
The single walled Metaloterm® flue system that can be deployed for many different applications, such as lining of existing shafts.