Passive house and Metaloterm® Iso-block



Metaloterm® Iso-block
Across Europe, regulations in the field of energy consumption of houses become stricter. More and more passive houses become the standard. Therefore Eontop has the Iso-block in her product range: a lead-through which allows a fully sealed passage of metal flues through floors, roofs and/or walls, while fire safety remains absolutely guaranteed! The unique construction assures that all warmth stays inside which contributes to significant energy savings. The Iso-block is therefore perfectly suitable for use in passive houses. Until now a choice had to be made: ventilating the flue for fire safety purposes, or filling the space at passages, creating fire risks. This is certainly a real danger with increasingly thicker (insulated) roofs and walls. The Iso-block also solves the problem of a passage interrupting moisture-retarding layer whereby condensation problems can occur. The Iso-block enables the home to be totally sealed, with the moistureretarding layer being left intact and fire safety maintained. The Iso-block can be used to completely seal a chimney which leads through roofs, floors or walls in just about all situations.

The Iso-block is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to work with. Various accessories are available to complete the installation outdoor as well as indoor. After assembly, the Iso-block can easily be plastered or painted. 


Save up to €50,- on heating costs by a more efficient energy consumption.*

The Iso-block is safe, also with continuous high temperatures. The combination of Iso-block – Metaloterm® flue systems has been tested and approved by various independent test centres: VTT (Finland), ChimneyLab (Denmark), MPA NRW and TÜV (Germany) and offers a complete, reliable and modern solution.
The Iso-block is the only pre-fab product that combines all the above mentioned qualities and therefore it has been patented. The lead-through has in the meantime been constructed in various situations in Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.
* This calculation is based on an average Dutch one-family house during cold winter months.


Image: Before and after installation of the Metaloterm® Iso-block
The images show the heat retention that can be realised with a sealed chimney installation using the Iso-block.