The Metaloterm® flue systems for CHP (Combined Heat and Power, also Cogeneration) are often the only ones with the best principle: the inner wall can have length differences due to temperature variations, without the flue being under false tension. With other principles than Metaloterm® this often goes wrong. The flue gasses of a CHP may contain moisture that is more aggressive than one would initially expect. This occurs in the horizontal parts of the flue system. For horizontal parts in the flue we do have Viton® rings in our assortment.

Metaloterm® AD
This double wall insulated exhaust system is designed for high temperatures (<600 °C) and contains a wide range of silencers.

Metaloterm® MF
A universal double insulated Metaloterm® exhaust. Within this segment suitable for low temperature (<200 °C).

Metaloterm® UE
A universal double Metaloterm® exhaust system, which is particularly suitable for applications with low temperatures
(<200 °C).

Metaloterm® ME
The single walled Metaloterm® flue for many different applications can be deployed, such as connecting pipe.