Innovations come in all shapes and sizes. Eontop´s latest innovation comes in a rather practical size. The Stream is a compact yet powerful chimney fan.
Chimney fans offer the big advantage that even stoves with a (partially) horizontally installed flue system work properly. The Stream increases the speed of the flue gases up to an average speed of 8 metres per second. Instead of a flue system filled with smoke, the fire in the wood stove is now being stimulated by a constant stream of air.



Basic Principle: Flue gas fan 
Electric drive: RPM 1300, V: 1x230
Amps 0,4, W: 37
Weight: 9.5 kg
Max. op temp.°C  250
Material: 1.4301
Dimensions: For chimneys from Ø80mm to Ø200mm
Accessories: (Link) 1. Rain cap
2. Spark arrestor mesh
3. Electronic speed regulator
4. Spare parts E-Material