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We offer a solution for almost all applications in the field of flue gas removal. 

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Metaloterm Ontop

Burning wood cleanly

Metaloterm Ontop

Sustainable renovation
Metaloterm® chimneys make your energy efficient

Metaloterm Ontop

Sustainable energy
Metaloterm® MF makes your heating modern

Metaloterm Ontop

30 year guarantee
Metaloterm® AT on your stove

Metaloterm Ontop

Modular and lightweight
Metaloterm® AD

Metaloterm Ontop

Maritime number 1
Metaloterm® is thé high-tech exhaust specialist

Metaloterm Ontop

Metaloterm® MC
Affordable, good and beautiful

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Metaloterm® AT

Metaloterm Video
The only system with a 30 year guarantee, even after a chimney fire.
This movie of Ontop B.V. shows how a chimney fire occurs and why Metaloterm® AT possesses the unique qualities to resist this. The Metaloterm® AT system is re-usable perfectly after chimney fires.

Metaloterm® AT

Metaloterm® Iso-block

Metaloterm Video
A completely sealed, fire safe transit for stainless steel flue systems.
The operation principle of the Metaloterm® Iso-block, explained by means of simple drawings.
- Created by Ecomind, an EU initiative for eco-innovation.
Metaloterm® Iso-block

Metaloterm® Silencers

Metaloterm Video

Sound Control with lightweight modular systems, the applications are virtually limitless.
A short video where you can see how our unique silencers are produced, tested and installed.

Metaloterm<sup>®</sup> Silencers


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